OnPoint Newsletter - 7/26/2013

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    Milepoint Co-Founder Gary Leff featured on The Colbert Report
    Recently, the infamous Gary Leff was on The Colbert Report to stand up for Delta’s decision against a person trying to accumulate points for his musical instrument. Gary was also interviewed by Randy Petersen about his experience on the show and to get him to do what is now referred to as “The Look”. Find these videos and more on Milepoint TV!

    I Have Officially Had It With American Airlines
    Not all things can end happily ever after, and when it comes to airlines that often seems to be the case. This long time loyalist to AA has taken all he could and is burning cards, donating miles and breaking all ties. Where will he go from here?

    World’s Best Restaurant: One-Year Wait, Dancing Ice Cream
    El Celler de Can Roca in Girola, Spain has officially been named “World’s Best Restaurant” and their popularity couldn't be higher. Prepared to wait one year for a great dinner and ice cream with cocoa pulp, fried lychee and sherry-vinegar meringue for dessert? Well, there is a good chance you'll still get turned down as they have three employees whose job is to say “no.” Have you ever dined at El Celler de Can Roca? Did you like it? Let us know!

    Overbooked Starwood Asking Plats To Voluntarily Cancel
    As a Starwood elite member with a booked reservations, you wouldn't expect to be the first to be asked to move to a property down the road, but that was the case with this Milepoint member. The catch? A nice 10,000 extra points in your account. Would you do it? Is it right for Starwood to call elite members first?

    10 Best Summer Food Festivals
    Foodies take note! Fodor has come out with a list of their top 10 Summer food festivals! How many have you been to and how many are you adding to your bucket list? Tell us what your favorites are and were wrongly excluded from their list!

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