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    10 Ways to Get Kicked Off a Plane
    There are 50 ways to leave your lover, 15 ways to make all your friends hate you (Google it), and now here are 10 ways to get kicked off a plane. Some of you rebels may be a bit upset by this (I’m looking at you Mr. Baldwin!), but I think most of you will breathe a sigh of relief when you get to #8...

    Mr. Worldwide... or How To Leverage Your Poor Dancing Skills
    You too can live your life traveling the world for pleasure. Really. I mean if this self-professed deadbeat can do it so can you right? To think... all it took was being a really bad dancer.

    Laser Scanner Could Redefine Airport Security
    1984! Big Brother! Sharks with frickin’ lasers...?! Airport security is something all of us dread and the TSA continuously changes how we get from the parking lot to the plane, butidentifying what you ate for breakfast from 164 feet away? Might be a bit much. Should we be happy at the potential for a much shorter time with security or just downright scared?

    Travel To China at the Cost of 4 Miles
    For the price of only 4 United award miles you can take a trip to Hong Kong riding in first class! That is if you booked it last Sunday, had less than the normally required amount of miles in your account, and are very lucky... but longshots have never stopped our dedicated Milepoint members before!

    Approaching 3 Million Miles
    ...and every one of them were earned on the ground and in a single car. This just goes to show that “a reserved style of driving and routine maintenance” goes a long way. I think it’s time for car manufacturers to create frequent driver miles.

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