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    Live chat with Suzanne Rubin - President, AAdvantage
    She joined Milepoint members on a MegaDO, she thanked the community after AAdvantage picked up several major Freddie Awards, and on Tuesday, June 19 at 9 p.m. EDT, Suzanne Rubin - President, AAdvantage - will join us as our next "A Conversation With..." live chat guest. This promises to be a doozy of an event. To better the odds your question(s) will be asked during the chat, post them in this thread.

    Is DIAMOND worth $450
    If a man would traditionally be expected to spend three month's salary on an engagement ring, and hopefully in return receive a lifetime commitment from the love of his life, what's a fair price to pay for a one-year commitment of exceptional service and benefits from Hilton? Based on the replies in this thread to date, $450 seems about right.

    Passengers Don't Want In-Flight Mobile Calls
    All the smokers out there know where this is headed, right? Lounges where mobile phone usage is allowed - or if there are no lounges you're welcome to use your mobile phone outdoors near the taxi stand. Some cities and states will disallow mobile phone conversations in bars and restaurants. Mobile phone "sin" taxes. And finally, prescription sign language tutorials ... all to save us from sitting next to Kenny Tarmac.

    Travel Leaders Group Surveys Consumers About Airfare "Tipping Point"
    Speaking of passenger studies and travel value price points (if there were Freddie Awards for seques, I'd humbly submit this one - and just as humbly accept my award), according to a recent survey if we as passengers can't find a domestic ticket for less than $500 or an international ticket for less than $1,500 then we probably aren't flying. What's your tipping point on price? And for that matter, do you have a tipping point with regard to mileage redemption?

    Wild bear attacks man relaxing in hot tub at Whistler ski resort
    THIS THREAD IS USELESS WITHOUT VIDEO ... yet here it is in OnPoint :). If the boss asks, the thread made the newsletter because it could be useful information for any traveler planning a trip to a Canadian ski resort. But just between you and me, it's featured here because passenger surveys have indicated asevere shortage of bear-and-man-fighting-over-hot-tub quips on Milepoint, and we're hoping to rectify that.

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