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    In-Flight Wi-Fi Spreading Rapidly, Usage Faces Challenges
    According to RouteHappy, 38 percent of all flights now include the ability to connect to wi-fi, but are people using it? Slow speeds and price have turned away many from connecting at 30,000 feet, but can Gogo and other in-flight internet providers turn it around? What do you think of the current state of airplane wi-fi?

    Routes You Wish AA Flew
    As the details of the merge with US continue to get worked out, and with the justice department looking into them, there are bound to be route changes when all is completed. While it’s inevitable that routes will be cancelled, routes may also be added. So, do you have a route you wish American Airlines serviced? Add your wish to this growing thread.

    Your Favorite "Aspirational" Hotel Properties?
    What are the hotels that you fantasize about? Is it due to location and scenery, amazing amenities, or maybe they are justincredibly unique. While you often don’t travel to hotels for the hotel itself, this is the thread where you can admit your exceptions. What is the hotel of your dreams?

    Hyatt Hotels Offer Healthy Kids Menu ‘For Kids, By Kids’
    Do you try to stick to a healthy diet when traveling with family? Hyatt has come up with a menu just for kids that give childhood favorites a healthy twist. While it may be difficult at times to expand your children's tastes to new foods, Hyatt’s goal is to do just that! Find out about the new menu and tell us what you would like to see rolled out on the kids menu.

    Detailed Review: New Short-Haul Classes On SAS
    In an attempt to revolutionize the industry by removing Business Class from short-haul flights, SAS has introduced two new classes to take the place of the standard model of plane seating. Tommy, co-founder of Milepoint, gives us his first hand experiences after traveling on the new configuration for a total of six times.
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