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    June 2012 | 02

    Live chat with Suzanne Rubin - President, AAdvantage
    Join us tonight, Tuesday June 19, at 9 p.m. EDT, as we invite Suzanne Rubin - President, American AAdvantage - as a special guest in our “A Conversation With...” live chat series. Suzanne will take questions from the audience and is likely to discuss not only why she believes AAdvantage did so well in the 2012 Freddie voting, but also how they intend to keep the momentum rolling, especially amid rumors of bankruptcy and mergers. You won’t want to miss this one.

    Amex Degrading Their Image
    When dining at a Ruth's Chris Steak House, you don't expect to be greeted and/or entertained by an employee in a mascot outfit. When flying in first class, you wouldn't expect your meal to be served on plastic dinnerware ... it might happen, but you wouldn't expect it :). And when you apply for and receive an American Express card, you don't expect to receive mail from them offering every fly-by-night deal under the sun.

    Cathay Mulls Removal of Seat Back TVs
    According to Wikipedia, the first in-flight movie was shown in 1921. Now, nearly 100 years later, we might be witness to the end of IFE as we know it, as it is replaced with IHE - In-Hand Entertainment - devices. Now if only Apple, Google or Microsoft could develop portable recliners and gourmet meals.

    Hotel Jogging Maps?
    Most hotels offer a fitness room of some sort, and in even the most spartan of these you're likely to find a treadmill. While a treadmill works fine, some traveling runners prefer to get out and stretch their legs and lungs on the open road - and what some might not know is that many hotels also offer jogging maps on request. katstarr is a collector of these maps and is seeking submissions from any Milepoint member who'd be so kind as to send them her way.

    My New Favorite Hobby: Browsing Hotel Websites for Ridiculous Pictures
    The overwhelming preponderance of photos on hotel websites are breathtakingly gorgeous - which makes it all the more exciting when you come across a pic that is, how shall we say, not so hot. Lucky, of One Mile at a Time blogging fame, proposes a tongue-in-cheek contest to discover the worst of the worst hotel site photos.

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