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    Klout Scores Access to Admiral Club
    Everyone likes free stuff, especially when it has to do with travel. While Klout has had it’s fair share of criticism for ranking people based on social influence, there are definitely Perks to joining and maintaining a good score. Having just partnered with American Airlines, this brand new Perk is definitely worth a look!

    Customs Adopts Electronic Forms to Speed Arrivals
    Customs. Efficiency. Not exactly two words put together often, but they are giving it a shot. United States Customs and Border Protection is going green in an effort to increase their speed past a snails pace. Is it worth the expense? Will it expedite the process of getting through the checkpoint? Weigh in on Milepoint!

    TSA Expands Pre-Check to Some International Itineraries
    In a move that has frequent flyers around the country celebrating (is that possible when TSA is involved?), the Transportation Security Administration has just expanded it’s Pre-Check to international flights. While the Pre-Check program has saved many of us a large chunk of time getting past security, one could only hope it continues to expand.

    Flight Attendants Play Dress-up at 30,000 Feet
    Spring Airlines To-Do List:
    1. Improve on-time arrivals
    2. Focus on better pricing
    3. Dress up flight attendants like maids and butlers

    While it might be a stretch, there is something to be said for creativity in the airline business.

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