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    In this issue...
    We highlight interesting and entertaining discussions, updates of interest, info about upcoming Meetups and online events, and more. And in this particular case the "and more" includes a very generous offer from Gogo to all Milepoint members. You'll want to click through on this one fast to enjoy optimum value from this first-of-its-kind promotion for frequent flyers. [Hint: free access to Milepoint when flying around.]

    Kip Hawley Chat
    You've recently heard that Al-Qaeda is still trying to blow up airlines. Former TSA Administrator, and a somewhat controversial figure amongst frequent travelers, Kip Hawley will be chatting live with Milepoint members on Wed., May 9 at 9 p.m. EDT. Have a question for Kip? Post your question now to improve the chances it will get asked during the event. And don't forget to signup to receive an email reminder when the chat is getting started. This should be interesting ... very interesting.

    Return of the Radisson Big Night Giveaway
    Thar's gold points in them thar hotels. Gold Point fever is highly contagious and the gold rush is on as rumors of an upcoming Radisson promo are confirmed. The details, however, are still sketchy. Will the promo be open to everyone, or limited to 100K people? How many points can be earned, and with how many Club Carlson brands? Follow the discussion to learn the latest answers, and be sure to stake your claim on May 15th.

    What happens if the miles and points go away?
    Climate change? No fun. Peak Oil? Sounds like it could be a pretty big problem. Global Economic Armageddon? Been there, done that - would have gotten the t-shirt if we'd had any money left. Diminishing mileage earning opportunities and increased costs to burn? Complete and total panic. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! Or at the very least, a really interesting discussion among Milepoint members.

    An update to free and easy elite status
    It's already May and you're still thinking there must be an easier way to earn a Platinum or Gold elite card. Well, the fellow members of Milepoint have your back and continue to post up the latest free and easy ways to match status, earn status and even give status. It's a long talking topic, so follow this link and we'll drop you in on the latest - and remember to click back and forth to catch up on other elite status offers.

    Sometimes a deal AAin't a deal at all
    kansaskeith is planning a remodel and thought he'd check to see what kind of AAdvantage mileage deal he could get on a home-equity loan. A few painful phone calls later, he had his answer - and yet another reason not to like BIG banks (as if another reason were needed).

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