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    Donate to Mutual Fund:: Win an iPad
    When Milepoint member Extra Pack of Peanuts won an iPad recently, he
    decided to kick it back to Milepoint and the Kiva Lending Team to help
    raise awareness for the team’s Mutual Fund efforts. And so, thanks to
    his amazing generosity, every member of the Milepoint Kiva Lending Team
    is now eligible to win a brand spanking new iPad. Find out how easy
    it is to qualify, and how in the process you can share in the
    community's ongoing efforts to empower people throughout the world.

    Thinking ahead — best hotel program for Hawaii
    It probably isn’t too much of a stretch to say that when many of us
    registered for our first frequent flyer program we had visions of
    Hawaii dancing through our heads. Hawaii holds a special place as a
    dream destination in the collective conscience - for good reason. But
    once you’ve accumulated the miles to get to this tropical paradise,
    where should you stay?

    UAL CFO says MP elites "over entitiled"
    Screeeeeeeeechhhhhh!!!! … spit take … tilt head and knock with hand to
    unclog ear … shake head vigorously and make “worble, worble” sound.
    What did he say? And perhaps more importantly, what does he mean and
    what will that mean to United elites?
    -Why Greece really wishes you were there-
    The Greeks gave birth to Western civilization, and if you believe the
    news lately they might also be a leading suspect in its soon-to-be
    tragic and untimely demise. Then again, believing the news is so 60s.
    So clip some feathers in your hair, sport a faux fur vest and bell
    bottoms, and partake of some mind-expanding hallucinogenic drugs, or
    ... plan your next, possibly deeply discounted, trip to Greece
    before the rush. It’s your call.

    Ultimate travel hack to first class upgrades
    An Elusive member has discovered a travel hack that has been standing
    right in front of all U.S. born flyers for years - so obvious, so
    ingrained in the American culture that it effectively became invisible.
    In theory, and the theory certainly has a long history of precedent
    supporting it, this hack should guarantee a front-row seat on the
    majority of your upcoming flights. And if denied, the “nanny nanny poo
    poo” argument is recommended.

    New iPad case/stand could revolutionize flying coach
    Combine the dream of winning an iPad in the aforementioned giveaway and
    what many members would call the nightmare of flying in coach, and you
    get this thread.

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