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    2012 Status Roll Call: Where Do You Stand?
    As December 31st approaches, it’s time to evaluate the status points you’ve accumulated throughout the year. Have you been slacking and are currently participating in a month-long mileage run or are you sitting easy for the rest of the year knowing you hit your goals? Check in and share your year’s end strategy!

    Digital Detox: Hotels Help Gadget Junkies Go Cold Turkey
    Put down your smartphone. Good, that’s a start. Now don’t touch or look at it for 30 minutes... Hard isn’t it? In an age where smartphones are glued to our hands, hotels realize the occasional need to intervene. Given a temporary emergency telephone number, some guests are learning to step away from their smartphones while on vacation. While select hotels are offering a discounted rate in exchange for locking up your cellphone, most people still aren’t opting-in to the program. Would you save some cash and choose to disconnect?

    “I think this is an honest to goodness addiction...”
    There are day-long states of euphoria when you earn points and a crashing depression the next day when you haven’t had your fix. They really should have side-effects listed when earning them... not that it would stop any of us when we’re craving those miles and points! Are you a fellow addict or do you have your miles hobby under control?
    Disclaimer: Milepoint is a points and miles addiction enabler.

    Delta Diamond vs AA EXP - A Different Comparison
    There have been many threads concerning the value of different miles and the ease of earning them, but theYipster on Milepoint is wanting to focus on different tangibles for this exploration of the programs. Ease of upgrade, onboard services, airport staff, network, aircraft interiors, and more are discussed as the true value of each program is debated and critiqued. What is the biggest contrast for you with the two programs?

    Men vs. Women Travelers: He Carries On, She Likes to Check
    As the number of men and women frequent flyers levels off, the Wall Street Journal ask the serious question on everyone’s mind: Which magazine do you prefer in the lounge? Ah yes, the male vs. female comparisons. In a time when the differences between the sexes are shrinking, it’s still fun to point out the few differences. From seating position and type to checking bags, it’s all overgeneralized for maximum amusement.

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