OnPoint Newsletter - 11/19/2013

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    United Cracking Down on Carry-Ons
    A small change that has turned into a debate. Some people love that United is enforcing its existing rule and others think it’s just one more way to charge us. What do you think? Should you be able to bring your slightly large carry on and not pay a fee or are you tired of people with huge luggage taking up overhead bin space?

    Are You Getting Discouraged w/ Recent Program Changes?
    Programs change with the wind and there is no fighting it... and lately the wind has been fierce. After the latest round of devaluations, are you still staying loyal to your programs? If not, where are you going? Weigh in on Milepoint!

    The Life of a BA Flight Attendant
    Do we take our flight attendants for granted? Have a look into British Airways’ training program to see exactly what goes into putting a FA into the sky. They might be a little more skilled than you’d think.

    Pax Falls Out of a Plane Over Miami Coast
    Last week’s big mystery has gotten an update over the weekend. Did the passenger fall out? Was he pushed? Did he jump? It’s a tragedy with a side of Clue. Visit Milepoint for information on the passenger and the guilt of the pilot. How could something like this happen?

    Southwest Airlines pilot tells passengers 'We're going down'
    It’s the last thing you want to hear on an airplane, yet it’s exactly what was heard on Southwest Airlines Flight 3426 out of Tampa, FL. It’s also exactly what happened. Do you think the pilot should have been more careful to not panic his passengers? Do you think it mattered either way?

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