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    Whose Posts Do You Admire and Why?
    Milepoint is a big, loving community of travelers! One of our most active members posted this thread to give recognition to someone they admired for their content and we think it’s a great idea. Members put time and effort into posting on the forums and it’s great to shed some light on some doing a great job. Who are your favorite posters? Chime in on Milepoint!

    High Compliments to the Delta Manual Reissue Desk
    While the usual focus on airlines is negative, whether devaluation or poor service, once in awhile an airline does such a good job that it inspires one of our members to write about it. This is one of those times.

    Dirty Hotels: 6 Germ Hotspots to Worry About
    From bedding to coffee makers, here are the highest and lowest scoring hotels on the dirtiness scale! Are your favorite hotels on the list? Are you surprised by the ones that are? Let us know your experiences in the thread!

    Digital Peepholes? In-room Computers? Hotels on the Cutting Edge
    Have you ever looked through a peephole and thought to yourself, “Man… I wish this peephole was an LCD screen!” No?Well you’re going to get it anyway! Four Seasons Silicon Valley might be the only place with this technology so far, but other hotels are making advances in technology to enhance their stays. What cool technology would you like to see?

    Milepoint Premium Membership: P2 Is Here
    P2 launched two weeks ago and has seen great success so far, outselling the number of packages from last year and attracting some new members to our community. Our partners are exceeding expectations in delivering benefits and have been great in responding to Milepoint member’s questions.

    Have you signed up yet? Want to see the list of P2 partners and benefits? Want to read what other members are saying? Follow the links and do it all! If you’ve already purchased P2, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Milepoint and also the fantastic charities that will receive 10% of the Premium Membership fee!
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