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    Presidential Candidates and Mattress Runs
    It’s election season in the United States and there is one thing that the presidential candidates can’t deny about each other: They sleep around... a lot. With voting day quickly approaching and the candidates traveling to a new part of the country daily, they must be raking in those hotel points! What do you think fellow mileage-addicts, are the candidates gaining status or is it a major missed opportunity? Tell us what you thing on Milepoint!

    Passenger caught wearing armor, flame-proof pants
    Airline passengers wear some crazy clothing sometimes, but in a fashion statement that probably won’t be catching on in the mainstream anytime soon, this 28-year-old man was stopped in Los Angeles flying to the city from Japan for wearing bullet-proof armor and flame-proof pants. He could have made a case for trying to protect himself against other crazy passengers had it not been for the “small arsenal” of weapons with him. The biggest mystery remains: How did he get to LA wearing that in the first place?

    Passenger Needs Nut Free Flight
    It’s the reversal of the old 'You can’t have one unless you have enough for everyone' argument. Due to a severe peanut allergy, a 13-year-old girl and her mother were stuck in Hawaii as they desperately searched for a flight free of the troublesome nut. Should a carrier hold back on serving peanuts for a flight or should the child start looking into stylish biohazard suits to strap into to get back home?

    TSA Embarrasses Dying Passenger
    This just in: TSA embarrasses a sick passenger and makes national news. Nothing new right? Maybe. A member of Milepoint provided this blog article claiming to have debunked the dying woman’s accusations of the TSA. No matter who is right in this case, has the TSA’s past record opened up the floodgates for individuals to take advantage of their bad reputation by making up pat-down horror stories?

    FT University comes to LA
    Frequent Traveler University is making it’s home at the Sheraton Gateway LAX the weekend of November 30th! With superstar speakers like Randy Petersen and Cranky Flier, you’re bound to learn everything you ever wanted to know about travel, miles, and points! The last two FTUs have sold out quick, so visitMilepoint for more information and to grab your tickets today!

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