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    Milepoint Cares
    If we could choose one thing we’re most proud of here at Milepoint it’s the desire of our members to give back to causes that need it.Milepoint Cares is a unique program that lets members easily donate to both large organizations and small, local causes. Julie Breeze is one of our current featured members and she is passionate about Habitat for Humanity. In our travels we see many families in need and Julie helps to give the less fortunate a chance to live with dignity and hope by funding Habitat for Humanity through Milepoint Cares.

    What cause are you passionate about? Browse the charities and help grow the spirit of giving on Milepoint.

    The Untold Story of the Boeing 787
    It’s no secret that Boeing's beloved Dreamliner has been experiencinga few hiccups lately, but as investigation drags on and production of the 787 continues at Boeing facilities, you have to wonder what really happened to put Boeing in this mess. While we can’t even begin to try understanding all the complexities involved in building an airplane,Milepoint members may certainly be on to something as they discuss the untold story of the Boeing 787.

    The 9 Best First-Class Seats in the World
    The World Travel Awards has been honoring the best of the best in first class travel for 15 years. Although Etihad has won the last 5 years, the eight other nominees have much to offer in their most luxurious cabins. Do you agree with this list or is there a couple of your favorites left off? Join the discussion on Milepoint!

    Milepoint Battle: Hilton vs. Hyatt
    Debating the value of award program is one of the largest pastimes among Milepoint members. Which has better perks? Which points are easier to accrue? Which program is most valuable overall? It’s this love that takes one post by a new member and turns it into pages of discussion. Do you have loyalty to either hotel chain? Join other members and battle it out for your preferred hotel.

    SeatExpert seeking MP seat experts
    Many frequent travelers use websites like SeatExpert and SeatGuru to quickly check airplane layouts and select ideal seats for long trips, but one huge complaint has been the lack in feedback from these sites and the delay in updating maps. Enter SeatExpert customer service. They have made their presence known in their Concourse Z forum and are crowdsourcing feedback and seat reviews from those who know the sky best - You here on Milepoint! Feel free to pile on the feedback and reviews and help make a better travel site for all of us.

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