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    Repo: Airplane Edition
    Don’t forget to pay off your airplane or you just may lose it. Repossessions aren’t a very pleasant experience for those involved, so how do you think 130 passengers reacted as the 737 they were patiently waiting for at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport was seized by a creditor? The passengers gained a crazy story to tell friends and family, but Vision Airlines is now out a plane.

    Bidding War for World's Shortest Flight
    Do you need one more segment for status with only 47 seconds to spare? You now have three airlines to choose from to accomplish it! Loganair, which has operated the route between the Westray and Papa Westray islands since 1967, is now having to fend off two competitors for service of the world’s shortest flight. Are you interested in checking this route off on your bucket list?

    Do You Strive for Mid or Top Tier Elite Status?
    The benefit of having top tier status is nice... sometimes really nice, but is it worth the time and money you put into achieving it? Can you be satisfied at a mid-level tier in multiple programs instead? Join the discussion on Milepoint and tell us what you strive for!

    New York Times: 46 places to Go in 2013
    There are plenty of “Best Places to Go” lists, but we liked this incredibly vague “Place to Go” list better. The detail provided of the random number of random destinations can’t be beat! Practice up on your “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and visit this list before picking the destination for your next vacation. Embrace the randomness of it all with us.

    Free and Easy Offers to Elite Status
    Everyone enjoys free stuff and this probably goes twice as much for frequent flyers. Points and miles might be a fun hobby to some, but there is just something special about getting elite status for practically nothing. Browse the list of current offers and add some you’ve discovered.
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