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    "Lowest Fare" Not Always Available on United.com
    Trying to find the absolute lowest fare between one city and the next? You may not be seeing it if you’re booking through United.com. While those who favor the shortest possible route with no connections will have no problem, those who want to save $50 while traveling may want to take this into account when booking.

    2012 Best US Airline for Flying Economy Class
    Everyone is looking for the best value while flying and for the majority of passengers that includes economy class. While websites such as SeatExpert.com help passengers on a seat-by-seat basis, these ratings help frugal travelers pick the right airline based on categories such as cabin staff service, in-flight entertainment, and seat comfort. Who would you rank #1?

    One Hotel’s (very) Negative Experience with Expedia
    As more people visit travel sites to book hotel rooms, small motel and hotel owners are turning to websites like Expedia to increase occupancy rates, but it might come with a greater cost than what was bargained for. The high commission is known prior to any partnership, yet it's the unspoken agreements that hotels such as Playa del Carmen have to worry about. Is the added occupancy worth the potential cost?

    18 Things Flight Attendant Won't Tell You
    Everything from the coffee being served on the flight to the potential of the emergency slides not deploying when you need them to, this list includes everything you won’t hear your FA announcing over the PA system. While 17 of them can be found in the linked article, you can only find #18 by visiting the thread on Milepoint.

    Spirit’s Christmas Gift to US Airways
    While it is the thought that counts, this just might rank along the lines of getting a (hideous) homemade sweater or a pink bunny suit for Christmas. Where US Airways will be requesting an exchange, the 162 passengers on the Spirit A320 will only leave with a crazy story to tell.

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