online booking problems with SA?

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    Hi all.
    has anyone had any problems with booking a flight on Singapore Airlines, via the Australian website? I can get all the way through until it comes to confirming flights, when the dreaded "Application error, contact us" message comes up! I had the exact same problem last year and it was only resolved by spending an excruciating 30 minutes (multi trip) with one of their sales reps. I honestly thought the problem would have been rectified during the past year but to no avail. The replies to my emails to SA, when they have bothered to answer, have been "apologies and we are trying to fix the problem", but this just echoes what they told me last year and obviously they haven't fixed the problem. Any ideas to why this happens? I realise they were having problems a couple of years back with the new look website but surely those problems would have been fixed by now!? I honestly cannot face the prospect of booking over the phone every time I want to fly SA! Very frustrating!

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