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Discussion in 'oneworld' started by JasonDC, Dec 30, 2015.

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    I'm trying to plan a 4-segment (possibly additional connections) South America trip beginning in GYE and ending in MDE, for sometime in May or June. I've been to OneWorld's South America Pass page and it shows that a certain range of miles equate to a particular zone, up to 3500 miles, and each ticket is priced based on the zone.

    Problem is my trip is nearly 6200 miles, so I assume I will have to purchase 4 separate tickets, is that right? And I can't get an pricing on the web site. Am I supposed to call one of the airlines in the alliance and ask them to price it out?

    If anyone has any experience with this pass, I would sure appreciate some guidance. Thanks. -Jason
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    Yes the pass is based on the milage of the individual segments. When I last used this there was a fair amount of flexibility allowed in making changes (dates/flights) and you must arrive in SA on a OW ticket.
    You need to contact one of the partners to purchase and if memory serves you will not get an immediate confirmation of the flights booked ( I bought mine through AA and they had to go out to the partners in this case they were all LAN in order to get final confirmations, which took a few days)
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