Oneworld Carrier Review and comparison Thread

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    As Star Alliance and Skyteam have a thread for MPers to post their reviews and comparisons of carriers, here's the Oneworld edition.

    My experience on Oneworld carriers is limited as I only have mid-tier status on Oneworld. I encourage others to share their experiences on Oneworld carriers on this thread. Feel free to organize it by class, carrier, or however you see fit.


    BA- The new BA-F seat is very comfortable and I like the blinds approach to window shades. Long story short I spent my trip over in CW preparing a presentation and on my same day return I was extremely tired, so the FA had no problem delaying my choice meal until after I got some sleep. The seat is quite comfortable and I got 6 hours of sleep easily, and once I woke up, the FA served me my main meal instead of the tea service snack. for British food, I was quite impressed with my fillet steak do be very good and cheesecake dessert was just was I was looking for. the F lounge at LHR T5 seemed very pleasant, I didn't really indulge in the spa as I was pretty tired and had an hour between my AMS-LHR and LHR-ORD flights. The FA's were great in the executoion and personalization of service and would be happy to fly them again.

    AA- Although the AA F seat is behind the times, I have always found their Int'l premium cabin FA's to be very personable and attentive; loads better than most UA IAD crews. The AA flagship lounges are much more akin to a true F lounge than UA's IFL. AA F catering is also significantly better than UA's Int'l F catering as well. AA also provides a good AArivals lounge at LHR and IME it's been less crowded than the *A (UA, SA, BD, US) and AC arrivals lounges at LHR. IFE on AA is also good with a wide variety of choices, only downside is smaller screen size for Int'l F cabin.

    JL- Japan airline's new flat seat is nice and wide and is easy to sleep on. Lounges are better than their NH counterparts. Service is phenomenal and English seemed pretty good, but not to the level of fluency seen on OZ flights. FA's consistently kept my beverages filled and had no problem keeping me loaded. Western catering is great and Japanese options other than seafood were good; this is one thing NH could approve upon is providing better,non-fish oriented Japanese Mains. the only thing JL does not have is an arrivals lounge at NRT, which NH has.

    BA- Club world has decent lounges; I'll say they're better than their LH C lounge counterparts. Although there's 8 seats across, I think their execution is better than UA's execution of 8 across C and I did not feel their C seat is too narrow. Meals aren't bad, and as I had to prepare a presentation for the duration of my flight, the FA's were excellent at keeping me caffeinated. FA's are definitely very attentive IME and they do not play a KLM disappearing act.

    AA- IME, AA FA's have been friendly and reliable. Catering is pretty good, and probably the best out of any North American carrier (note-I haven't flown CO C yet). AA's C IFE screen is smaller, but probably the same size as LH's C screen. The seats are angled lie flats, but have a more plush feel to them than LH C seats and have a smaller incline than other angled lie-flats.

    Domestic F, there's some older seats in AA's fleet, but I find their soft product is probably the best of any American carrier and a "snack" is much more filling than any other carrier and they have a generous meal policy, serving full dinner services on ORD-DCA, whereas UA goes with the snackbasket.

    AA domestic Y isn't bad, I've only done it on MSP-ORD-TPA and return; seats were decent and much better than CO Y and some of the US Y seats.

    As I don't have much OW experience other than AA,BA, and JL. At the end of March/beginning of April, I get to try CX F, JL F, and CX regional C.
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