One-way CPH to LAX (or near) - best fare?

Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by WingsOfFury, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    I hope it's ok to ask here for some help to find a fare. Been trying to work with different tricks, but not finding anything good.

    I'm trying to find a cheap one-way fare CPH to LAX with arrival on March 18. I don't mind leaving late on the 17th and connecting somewhere else on the way there. As long as it is cheap.

    Aeroflot apparently has some cheap flights out of SVO (around 310 USD to LAX one-way), but getting there is kind of a pain + I would probably need a transit visa since I can't be sure to check my luggage through when booking separate tickets. I could however get to SVO from around 99 USD, so a one-way would cost around 400 USD.

    Is there any way of doing that cheaper? Could be by not using a return flight and so forth. I have managed to make a multi-itinerary for a little over 500 bucks.

    Anyone who knows how to beat that?

    Thx in advance.

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