One way awards with DL and other partners through GOL Airlines..

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    Hi all,

    Don't know how many are familiar with GOL Airlines, but I found something really interesting for me (and perhaps some of you might be interested too!). GOL has their Smiles program, inherited from Varig airlines, and they launched something called Smiles Club, basically you pay them 30 BRL (around 13 USD) per month and they award you with 1000 bonus miles + perks like buying miles for less, VIP sales, etc. The thing is, if you get in the club now they award you with 4000 bonus miles just to start. So, sound cool right?
    The thing is, why to get these miles with a Brazilian airline? Simple, if you don't live there, you can redeem with partners like DL, KLM and others. And the cool feature, for me, is that you redeem one way tickets for the leg price, not for the roundtrip price.. Example.. I just flew CLT-DTW-LAX one way for 12.5k miles with DL, redeeming with Smiles, when I looked how much that same one way trip would cost me in miles with DL, I found that it would cost me +- 30k! So.. I am not sure if the availability for tickets is the same, probably not.. but at least for one way tickets on DL looks like a good way to go, and, if you don't care of giving away a large meal from Burger King every month to have 15k extra miles a year.. Well.. one more free ticket right? :)

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