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    just got this from aa...

    Hello @brodyf,

    In March, we announced we would shift to one reservation system later this year. And now, we're on track to transition all US Airways flights to American flights on October 17. At that time, we'll be one airline with one website and mobile app, and we'll have one set of travel policies and elite benefits.

    We're working hard to make sure this final milestone to becoming one airline for our customers goes smoothly. During the week of July 18, we'll begin transferring existing US Airways reservations for travel on or after October 17. As of July 18, all flights departing on or after October 17 will be American flights.

    Here's a reminder of what you can expect on all flights as an AAdvantage Executive Platinum member beginning October 17:


    • Complimentary, auto-requested upgrades on domestic flights
    • Confirmed as early as 100 hours before departure
    • Since all American/US Airways codeshare flights will become American marketed and operated flights, you'll be able to use your upgrade benefits including systemwide upgrades and mileage upgrade awards
    Learn more about elite upgrades »


    • Complimentary access to Main Cabin Extra seats, with more legroom, at time of booking
    • Complimentary access to Preferred seats, which are more favorably located, at time of booking
    Learn more about seating options »

    Same-day flight change

    • Complimentary
    Learn more about flight changes »

    Premium cabin meals

    • Complimentary option to reserve an entrée until 24 hours before departure in First and Business Class
    Learn more about inflight dining »

    Scheduled on a US Airways flight departing on or after October 17? Here's what to keep in mind:

    • Once your flight becomes an American flight, we'll send you an email with your itinerary and new record locator. Look for the subject line: "An important update to your reservation." If you booked through a travel agent, you can view your reservation on as early as July 20.
    • Upgrades on domestic flights will be auto-requested if everyone in your reservation is eligible for a complimentary upgrade. If everyone isn't eligible, you'll need to manually request the upgrade.
    • Upgrades for a companion traveling on the same flight will need to be requested using 500-mile upgrades. If you want to upgrade a companion, make sure you request it.
    • You can request upgrades on, by calling reservations or your travel agent, or at the airport on the day of travel.
    As always, you can get alerts for all of your flights by signing up for BeNotified. And, you can download the American Airlines app for a more personalized mobile experience and quick access to all of your flight information.

    Travel tools available to you »

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    I think they're off to a good start. That gives them plenty of time and there shouldn't be too terribly many reservations for 3 months out at this point. I'm sure that there are some, but it's not like trying to roll it over for next week. It also gives them months to work out any kinks prior to anyone traveling. As I recall, United did this on a much tighter timeline, but my memory of that is fuzzy at best.

    I hope it goes well. This is by far the most "dangerous" part of the merger in respect to the customer. Best of luck to them. :)
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    Thanks for sharing. United flyers are jealous.
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    Thus far, I have experienced no inconvenience beyond one US flight where my AAdvantage number and status failed to carry over. Even then, I was able to upgrade at the gate prior to boarding.

    It does appear that they are taking care to avoid duplicating the nightmare of the UA/CO system merger. I was a CO Plat at the time, later converted to UA 1K, and I will never forget the endless inconveniences of that one.

    Glad to see the date being firmed up, but I was sure hoping for a bit sooner when I booked a mixed US/AA trip for 10/2. Keeping my fingers crossed that having purchased premium cabin travel throughout the trip will insure against any issues.
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    I've had some recent bugs with flights changing from AA operated to US operated and computer thinking it would be better for us to connect then fly non-stop. Took a bit of work on the phone but managed to get Humpty Dumpty back together again.
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