One-on-One with Seth Forman, Business Development Director, Syndication, Travelzoo®

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  1. [​IMG]This month ExpertFlyer talks with Seth Forman, Business Development Director, Syndication at Travelzoo®, a global Internet media company. With more than 26 million subscribers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 25 offices worldwide, Travelzoo publishes deals from more than 2,000 travel and entertainment companies. Travelzoo’s deal experts review offers to find the best deals and confirm their true value.
    For fifteen years, Travelzoo has consistently recommended the highest quality deals to our subscribers. Deals are thoroughly checked by our in-house deal experts, then double checked by our publishing team, and lastly triple checked by our Test Booking Center before and after the deal is published. The result of this unique process is our subscribers know they can trust the deals we are publishing.”
    – Seth Forman, Business Development Director, Syndication, Travelzoo

    How do you uncover and develop deals?
    Travelzoo works with more than 2,000 travel, entertainment and local companies including; airlines, hotels, vacation packagers, cruise lines, Broadway shows, sporting events, spas, restaurants, and other main attractions. Our deal experts work closely with each company to construct the very best deal possible. Travelzoo helps these companies stimulate demand during need periods by pushing deals to our large, global audience of 26 million subscribers. Our subscribers can see our deals through several channels including Top 20®, Newsflash™, Vouchers, and/or cost per click campaigns through Travelzoo Syndication, a distribution platform that serves Travelzoo deals across over 300 premium publishers including the New York Times and Frommer’s Travel.
    With 26 million subscribers, how many travel queries are you serving up on a daily basis and have all of these deals been vetted by your research team?
    Travelzoo publishes thousands of deals each week. Each and every deal is vetted by Travelzoo deal experts, publishers, and the Travelzoo Test Booking Center®.
    When a deal is published by Travelzoo what can a consumer count on about that deal? What assurances do you give that the deal is in fact “a deal?”
    Travelzoo subscribers can feel rest assured they’re receiving a high quality deal that has been thoroughly checked so that the price point is best in market, there is plenty of availability, and it’s an easy process to purchase. Our subscribers know that they can trust the deals Travelzoo publishes, which in turn leads our subscribers to purchase more from our advertisers and merchants. It’s a win-win for all.
    What is the Travelzoo Top 20®?
    The Top 20® is Travelzoo’s flagship product that lists the twenty best of the best travel, entertainment, and local deals of the week.
    What is the Travelzoo Test Booking Center® and why is it important?
    The Test Booking Center® is where individuals simulate the booking process for all Travelzoo deals. Travelzoo deal testers check for accuracy, availability and overall ease of the booking process.
    What other exciting developments can we look forward to from Travelzoo over the next year?
    Travelzoo is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. To celebrate the occasion, we launched an interactive, instant win campaign on Facebook called the 15 Golden Giveaway campaign. We are giving away 15 amazing vacations around the world including an all-inclusive St. Lucia vacation, a Tanzania safari and a luxury France getaway. Users have to scratch three golden tickets and if the golden tickets match, the user wins. Users can enter the campaign by visiting:

    Aside from your business development role at Travelzoo, you are heavily involved as co-organizer of NYC Travel Massive, one of the biggest travel industry meet ups in the world. Tell us about that, as well as who should get involved and why?
    NYC Travel Massive is a regular meet up with almost 1000 members in New York City that brings together travel brands, travel bloggers, and travel startups. The purpose of the NYC Travel Massive network group is to connect people in the travel industry locally in a fun-filled environment. I’ve heard so many stories of people generating new business or meeting an important new business contact from our events. If you work in travel and looking to connect with other passionate travel professionals in NYC, then I highly recommend you sign up here: Hopefully I’ll see you at an upcoming NYC Travel Massive event!

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