One-on-One with Jean Tripier, CEO, WorldMate

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    Each month, ExpertFlyer sits down with an executive in the travel industry to provide insight to changes in the landscape and how it affects the way you do business. It's another way ExpertFlyer is providing additional information to empower the business traveler.

    [​IMG] This month, ExpertFlyer sat down with the chief executive officer of WorldMate, Jean Tripier. WorldMate is the personal travel assistant chosen by over 7 million business and premiere travelers worldwide. Designed to cater to every aspect of business travel, WorldMate understands an individual's personal preferences and recommends the ideal options for the best possible travel experience. WorldMate sends real-time "push" alerts about itinerary updates and changes, including flight delays and cancellations, as well as a host of unique travel resources.

    “Mobile effectively allows us -- for the first time -- to tie a user’s behavior with their location and itineraries. Mobile means a new way to sell travel services that will supplant more traditional methods over the next few years…”
    -- Jean Tripier, CEO, WorldMate

    1) Why has WorldMate focused so heavily on the Blackberry market? Is there a particular distinction associated with users of Blackberry smartphones that make them a better business travel target?
    We offer solutions on Android, iPhone, Symbian and other smartphone OSs. When looking at the demographics of the business traveler market, however, the overlap with BlackBerry users is obviously greater than for all other mobile platforms. RIM has always designed their service to cater to professionals who need to always stay connected. Their value proposition for enterprise customers with email, contacts, calendar syncing, etc. has always placed them as the go-to-phone for business users.
    2) Do you have plans to produce similar applications for the iPhone/Android?
    WorldMate for iPhone and WorldMate for Android are very popular applications. WorldMate is continuing to invest in these platforms and it makes sense to offer our solution on both iPhone and Android, under our own brand or that of others leaders or would be leaders in the travel industry.

    3) What benefits does WorldMate bring to business travelers?
    WorldMate combines all booked travel arrangements, flight confirmations, hotel reservations, car rental details and more into one easy to view and access trip itinerary viewable on their mobile device and at Our application alerts travelers when things go wrong, when flights are canceled or delayed and offers them alternative options. They can make alternate booking plans directly from the WorldMate application on their mobile. This makes it easy and efficient for travelers on the go to take action quickly and without difficulty.
    WorldMate’s mobile booking is tied into user's itineraries, which means that we can quickly offer the best option to sort out your trip. It’s like having a smart personal assistant to make your life easier when you are on the road.

    4) Tell ExpertFlyer about the recent collaboration with Research In Motion (RIM) that integrates the power of the WorldMate travel platform with the new BlackBerry® Travel application.
    BlackBerry Travel is a breakthrough fully integrated travel solution, launched worldwide by RIM under their own brand. This is the first time an OEM is entering the travel space in a significant way. In addition, BlackBerry Travel is the first fully automated and contextually aware mobile application –you setup your account and your itineraries are magically setup and updated.

    5) What do you see as the next revolution in mobile travel services and how are corporations going to use these applications to increase efficiency and cost savings across their businesses?
    The revolution is mobile travel services. Mobile effectively allows us -- for the first time -- to tie a user’s behavior with their location and itineraries. Mobile means a new way to sell travel services that will supplant more traditional methods over the next few years, because they are more effective for the suppliers and more convenient for the end user.

    6) What do you think differentiates WorldMate from your competition, most notably TripIt and TripCase?
    We are by far the best mobile solution; our focus is on the best mobile client experience, which makes us really stand out. Our parsing and itinerary management are also superior to anything offered by our competition. This is why WorldMate is the only itinerary management platform selected by a major mobile phone manufacturer to power a branded application.

    7) As more and more services offer itinerary tracking and management, how does WorldMate stay fresh and relevant?
    We stay ahead because we manage the highest volume of itineraries by the most demanding users. They are the ones that drive our innovation and the relevance of our new features and offerings.

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