One more TAM nightmare

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    Just back BSB-GRU_CDG-GRU_BSB. Intl sectors in Business Class

    Nightmare scenario unfolds!

    Flight late out . But the UA lounge is open thanks to new SQ flight at 0120, so I dont at least have to suffer the TAM slum-lounge with the Kafkaesque live piano.

    Flight late back GPU mismanagement by Captain, leading to extra time needed to power up, missed slot 80 min delay

    Here comes the crunch:
    Woken up in the middle of the night with a bottle of red wine on my lap and red wine across my clothes Spilled by flight attendant serving someone across the aisle. Called the Chief Purser she took 20 mins to appear. Asked what she p'lanned to do to help she stares at me, clueless and helpless. I take the initiative and request that she:
    (1) go and get me some First Class pyjamas and a bag to put my wine stained clothes in
    (2) Fill out an incident on board report get me to sign it give me a copy
    (3) Send a message to Brasilia that they will need to pay for my drycleaning or, if my clothes are ruined, for a replacement

    She then does what I ask... in later conversation discover she has no training in what to do when there is a customer incident on board. Not Tudo Bem, in my case, unfortunately.

    Reason for spillage: Fashion victim TAM procedures dictate that all beverages are taken in bottle to seat and poured at seat in Premium Cabins. Oh, for Gods Sake! In the middle of the night, TATL!

    On arrival further 20 minute delay in opening doors due to ground incompetence

    Now in danger of missing connexion... Request TAM ground to inform GRU-BSB gate that i am on my way and have no bags, and to not close doors They refuse claiming that they have no means to do their hub, if you please.

    I ignore them and proceeed to gate Usual confusion there but present myself...they dawdle as usual then say..flight closed and no further baggage will be loaded. (ive already told everyone countless times I have no checked baggage and its on my PIL anyway) ... I SCREAM and STAMP my feet and behave in a most un Brasilian way... magically a bus materialises and I am put on it and taken to the flight. Doors still wide open... and are so, 15 mins post my boarding the aircraft

    On arrival at Brasilia no one knows what to do re my compensation Its a matter of principle so I wait for them to start using their natural intelligence which TAM seems to have snuffed out quite effectively Finally after much mutual telephone consulting including a call to Sao Paulo they agree to reimburse my Bank account on presentation of receipt...necessitating a trip back to airport -- apparently their systems dont allow them to deposit R$50 in my account which would have covered the drycleaning!

    I am so fed up with this airline.... What a curse it is to be forced to travel on it. How embarrassing to be a Vermelho (*gold) on an airline I now throroughly dislike and fear...

    For those who know what i am talking about, TAM certainly makes General de Gaulle's point!
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