One more reason I love flying Taca

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    On 3/8, I boarded a Taca flight at SJO bound for MDE with a short stop (too short to deplane) in Panama. While at the departure gate, I made a quick call to my office in Curridabat, turned off the phone and went to sleep.

    I slept until touch-down at PTY, and drowsily waited for the terminating passengers to deplane before asking if I had time to run over to the store to buy some perfume for my GF in Medellin. Time wouldn't permit it, but I caught a glimpse of the food being prepared for Clase Negocios on the next leg. Decided to stay awake for that.

    Arrived at MDE. Incredibly simple immigration and customs, and I was on my way into town. When I got to my hotel room, I started looking around for my iPhone. It wasn't there, and I connected the dots quickly. One call to Taca, and they were expecting my call. They had found the phone in my seat and locked it up with my name on it.

    I have lost more Bose QCs, every generation of iPod, Tempur-pedic seat cushions and other stuff on planes over the years. They have never been found. I have never gotten any compensation for them. I always called promptly, and I always ended up paying for someone to steal them.

    IMHO, Taca deserves a standing O for doing the right thing. It appeared to be standard procedure, and they were professional, friendly and efficient with it. I know enough about Colombia to know that it's dangerous reputation is surviving long past the time it was earned and corrected, but even I was surprised that the first time I ever recovered something that I lost inside a cabin was in Medellin, Colombia.

    Taca - Buena Gente
    That should be the new slogan once the merger with Avianca is complete. (OK... Avianca - Buena Gente)

    I just thought that we all read enough negative stuff in these forums. This is a real example of the way things ought to be. For the record, I have no status on Taca, and was flying on an award ticket in the front cabin. All flights were on time, served great food and the service was stellar.
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