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  1. Rio de Janeiro is a city packed with more than its fair share of awe-inspiring sights – from the endless beaches of the Zona Sul to the breathtaking cityscapes to be seen from the Christ statue and Sugar Loaf mountain. The city’s abundance of attractions makes it difficult to pack everything in even into a two-week break, so it is understandable that somebody with just one day to spend in Rio de Janeiro would find it difficult to know where to start/
    Should you find yourself paying a flying visit to this magnificent city, it makes good sense to plan ahead. It also makes sense to hope for the best, weatherwise, but have a plan B in mind in case the sun doesn’t put his hat on.
    Firstly, let’s imagine that the weather is on our side. When the sun shines on Rio, it is unarguably one of the most stunning cities in the world, so forget any indoor activities and get out there to see the sights. Along with the beaches, Rio’s most famous attractions are the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado mountain, and the cable car ride up to the peak of Sugar Loaf. While it’s possible to take in both on a whistle stop tour of Rio de Janeiro, my advice would be to see just one, which will ensure you have time to properly take in the views.
    While the vistas from the top of Sugar Loaf are undeniably spectacularl, the views from the foot of the Christ statue are more magnificent still, making it perhaps the best choice of the two. Head here early in the morning (the funicular railway is the most picturesque way to travel, but taxis can take you direct from your hotel or hostel if you’re particularly pushed for time) and make your visit to this most iconic of statues before the crowds and the clouds arrive. Once you’ve marvelled at the views and taken the obligatory photo of yourself, arms outstretched beneath the statue, head towards the beaches of the Zona Sul (the city’s beautiful South Zone). The Leme end of Copacabana beach is quickly reached from Corcovado, and quieter than the rest of the beach, but Ipanema is the more chic option and the best bet for anyone wanting to admire the bronzed beach bodies that Rio de Janeiro is so famous for.
    Stretch out on the sands for a couple of hours, before enjoying a bite to eat and a chilled beer at one of the many beach kiosks. If you have time (and a decent amount of money), Ipanema has scores of top-notch restaurants and upscale bars to pass the evening in.
    Should the weather be less favorable, head inland to Catete and Centro, where you will find most of the city’s historic architecture and some interesting museums and cultural centers. Make a point of visiting the Palacio de Catete[​IMG], as well as the Igreja da Candelaria in Centro. There are plenty of places to eat and drink here too, at prices that compare very favourably with the Zona Sul.
    If you don’t manage to pack everything into your quick trip then hey, you’ll just have to come back at a later date. The city and its many attractions will be here waiting for your return.
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