Once again AC shows its human side AKA customer service

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  1. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Canada+flies+above+beyond+with+video/8885794/story.html

    Non-refundable. Booked it on Expedia. Did you know there's not much Air Canada can do when you book on Expedia? (mental note to book directly with the airline next time.) Despite this, he sat with me as I called and waited on hold for the Expedia agent. One of his ticket agents, Sophie, tried to board Sydney every couple of minutes "just in case." Within a moment, we heard Sophie say "Wait! did you guys do something?" Apparently, the online visa was processed immediately and showed in their ticketing system. The kid was on her way, 10 minutes to get through security. It would have been very easy for the airline to say "sorry, not our problem - it is the purchaser's responsibility to make sure they have all travel forms."
    But they didn't. Their huge hearts showed and I've never been more impressed with a team. I only wish I had been coherent enough to get all their names so I could commend them personally.
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    Amazing to me how many clueless people are out there. Great that they got her on board, but I'd have little sympathy if they said no.
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