On track to a better airline trolley

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    It may be too ambitious to elevate lowly airplane meals to the heights of gastronomy, but it is possible to rethink the fusty food carts that ferry them. As part of her graduate work at Staffordshire University, product designer Heather Dunne came up with an innovative concept to solve a ubiquitous problem on commercial aircrafts: immobility.

    With a slimmer and more ergonomic design, Dunne’s Orbit “commercial aircraft food delivery system” conserves space, making it easier for flight attendants to maneuver their carts up and down the aisle and passengers to move freely throughout the cabin during meal service — a boon for those requiring frequent bathroom breaks.

    The idea, Dunne says, was sparked by a flight to Spain where she observed firsthand the inherent limitations with today’s airplane food carts. “The main problem was the width of economy seating. Passengers on the aisle seats had elbows and legs outstretched in the aisle, making it hard for the large trolley to move past without disrupting them,” she explained to SmartPlanet in an e-mail. “Passengers were unable to get past the food trolley without a lot of hassle.”

    Read More: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/report/on-track-to-a-better-airline-trolley/104
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