On orders of the d.r.S.L., United creates new GlobalGuard unit to monitor online activities

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by HeathrowGuy, Apr 8, 2015.

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    On orders of the dear respected Supreme Leader Jeff Smisek, United's GlobalGuard corps is creating a new elite unit dedicated to expand the airline's network of minders to travel websites such as Milepoint and Flyertalk. The new GlobalGuard unit -- aptly named the "Digital Operations Center" -- will use special software and a 10-monitor video wall to "detect commercial impacts, fraudulent activity and end user manipulations."

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    As I wrote elsewhere, it is wonderful news to see that United is devoting staff to fix these longstanding issues with mistakes with their pricing.

    People should be encouraged to use hashtags #mistakefare and #united to post info like the following:
    • You could start a long and noisy conversation on Twitter with content like "Screenshot shows @united offered me a $109 buy-up to First but charged my credit card $359. #mistakefare ?" and maybe you'll get the attention of the Digital Operations Team and they'll investigate for you and help resolve the issue! Very thoughtful of them to offer this service.

    • Or you could make social posts like "Booked a @united First class fare online and after a cancellation they said I only had a coach ticket. Fraud or #mistakefare?" and if your conversation is trending enough, perhaps the Digital Operations Team will relay that information to management and they'll fix the issue.

    • Or maybe Tweet "applied a GPU on ZRH-LHR-EWR and @united charged me an extra $100 Air Passenger Duty incorrectly. #mistakefare" and perhaps that feedback will be passed along that this is a common mistake with fares that is happening.

    • Or you could post a bunch of Tweets like "Looks like @united posted a #mistakefare on EWR-CAE : http://bit.ly/1DLyTuK" and then see whether the Digital Operations Team members investigate. If they research current and historical fares on this route closely, team members may become eligible for subpoena / involvement in the ongoing federal investigation.
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    Last minute EWR-IAD fare for $1,400? Must be a #mistakefare! EWR-CVG for $1,600? #mistakefare lol
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    Probably with the same efficiency (not) as every other "improvements"

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