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  1. Has anyone taken an Oktoberfest Tour? We’re interested in visiting Munich’s Oktoberfest 2011, and not being familiar with the Oktoberfest experience, nor Germany, thought that it might be convenient to find a tour to make it easier to enjoy this fun occasion. On the Internet, I’ve come across a travel writer, Brett Harriman, who is offering an Oktoberfest Tour during the event’s first weekend. I was wondering if anyone here on TA has taken this tour who could share their experience. http://www.harrimantravelbooks.com/Tours_Oktoberfest.html

    From the tour itinerary, this Oktoberfest package offers 3 nights in a contemporary hotel within the Old Town of Munich. Included are, walking tours of the festival grounds and of the Old Town, parade viewing, two dinners, a handful of beers, and a table reservation at one of the main beer tents on the opening Sunday of Oktoberfest, costing a total of $495 USD per person. For my group, I am particularly interested in the access to the beer tents, and hotel lodging. For the Oktoberfest beer tents, I understand that reservations are apparently required during weekends, and assuming I could get a reservation, I’d need to reserve from 8-10 seats. Well, there are only 4 of us in our family group, so I was thinking this tour might be a good way to get access to an Oktoberfest beer tent, without a lot of complications. Plus, due to the popularity of Oktoberfest, I was thinking it could be difficult to get reservations for a hotel in Munich during the opening weekend of the festival, without raised rates.

    Therefore, I am thinking this offer might be a good deal for my group of 4 as the tour price seems to be a good value, at least not outrageously high as other tours I discovered while searching. Such a tour, with a personal guide, seems like it will make it easy for us to enjoy the Oktoberfest experience, have fun, and make it easy on us for our first Oktoberfest visit. I also like that there will be others on this tour, forming a larger group than my own, of hopefully fun minded people to share this experience. At this point in time, I don’t think I could do better on our own without such help. Nevertheless, I am hoping someone who has taken this tour, or knows of it, can reply and share their experience to help confirm if this tour is right for us. Thanks!
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    Have you checked on hotel availability and prices for the period of your proposed trip? What are the specific details of this tour? My instinct is that for an unnamed but "modern" hotel "within the Old Town" of unspecified category or amenities, $200 per night for a double (assuming that the rest of the package is worth $200 per person, which is generous for a city tour, two unspecified dinners, and one Oktoberfest reservation) doesn't seem like a bargain at all. Moreover have you checked on airfare availability and prices into Munich for this period?

    IMO the advantage of taking a package tour is if this is necessary to get a Munich hotel reservation, assuming that you are able to get flights. OTOH I hate tour groups, so this might be coloring my evaluation.
  3. Thank you for your reply, information, and help. My family group of four, have decided to go with the tour offered by Brett Harriman: www.harrimantravelbooks.com/Tours_Oktoberfest.html
    We've decided to take advantage of this opportunity for the three nights lodging in Munich, and access to reservations to an Oktoberfest Tent. Both of which I don't think we could have achieved on our own. After communicating with Brett, either on the phone, or via email, I feel very reassured and confident with booking this reservation. Brett has always been extremely friendly, helpful and informative. He has also since provided insightful information for the continuation of our visit after Munich, which involves traveling on to Salzburg, Innsbruck, and other destinations in Germany.

    For further information on this Oktoberfest tour, the Oktoberfest Tent reservations are at Fischer Vroni (5pm till closing on the first Sunday) and include 2 liter beers and a 20 euro dinner voucher; the hotel, three nights lodging from September 16 to September 19, is at a contemporary, and located in the Old Town within a 20 minute walk of the festival grounds or one subway stop. Another aspect I like about this tour is meeting the other people joining this tour, and to be a part of a group, limited to 20, to have fun with and enjoy this Oktoberfest event. All in all, just for the lodging and access to a Tent, it looks like a good opportunity for us

    Thanks again for your thoughts, it’s much appreciated.

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