Oh Dear. I'm crediting my car rental miles to Southwest.

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    There was a time all my car rental credit went to UA and AA, with a little of USAir and * Starpoints thrown in for good measure. Lately, I've been finding good car rental prices on the SWA website. In some cases, they're offering 1200 points.

    I have lots of AA/US/UA miles, so the extra miles don't really add up. Starpoints from Avis are always a good idea. Since I dont have many Southwest points, and since a few rentals can and does make a difference, I put the points here. If I book far enough in advance, SW has pretty low mileage redemption rates. I recently booked a 2880 point redemption on a 1 way flight SAN/LAS. Not a bad way to spend some points that came relatively cheaply. Earlier in the year, I booked, but didn't fly a 1 way LGA/MDW for ~5000 points. I like the fact that I can cancel my reservations with SW, and have the points put back into my account. It's like I'm 1k on UA. ;)

    Over the years, something comes along every once in a while to open my eyes. Something that makes this long time flyer think out of the box. It's a lesson worth learning. I'm glad I'm diversified.
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    It comes from a lifetime of selling things that come in boxes ;) I've been doing similar with VX - I don't fly them much, but it isn't too hard to make my points useful. The legacy carriers have already put their writing on their respective walls. We can either sit there, bound, and say "thank you, sir, may I have another" while blindly making excuses about how our longtime love really is as sweet and wonderful as always, or we can take our bloody blinders off, and do what serves us right, today. From the early 90s through the mid 00s, I could probably count the number of tickets purchased on airlines other than UA or AS on less than the fingers on both hands, all while flying over a million paid miles.

    So thank you for reminding us that although we may be beholden to earning points somewhere, it doesn't necessarily have to be with the old hag that is trying to entice you into the house with poison apples.
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