Officers Fired After Forcible Removal Of United Airlines Passenger

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by misman, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Could not find the original thread on this, so I'll just add it here...

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    Shameful! And typical of life for today’s law enforcers. They are directed to preform a task with incomplete information and have it escalate and then have the administration that sends them into the situation turn and discipline them for doing what they were told to do. The officers had a choice preform the task they were sent in to preform (and end up being disciplined) or stand down and be disciplined for not doing what hey were told to do. The videos only show what happened after they started rolling not what occurred prior or after. I’ve only seen three publicly released reports of the facts of the incident. All three reports where incomplete not only in total but also when measured to each other, with different facts listed in different stories. But what can you expect from the news media today? Quoting one (biased) source and making an assumption of guilt.
    BIAS Alert: I’ve worn the uniform of both law enforcement and military in the past. I will stand with law enforcement in this COUNTRY before backing the subject of their actions until they have proven to have acted in correctly.
    Educational point: I was taught to respect authority. And I learned through the school of hard knocks to be respectful of a person who has a gun and answer yes sir, no sir when asked/told to do something by that person.
    When traveling around the world or in the U.S. of A. respecting authority has proven to be a safer (and much less painful) course of action than being disrespectful.
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