Offered upgrade to BE at OLCI

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    So I am checking in for my flight tomorrow: LAX-DTW-LHR

    After entering my passport info, I get a screen that says ""an upgrade to BE is available for $400"

    I click the button and both my flights are listed -- I was upgraded on LAX-DTW at the window and it says "Upgrade Not Available" but DTW-LHR says "Upgrade Available"

    The flight was J4 Y9 this morning, with a very full seat map (even the EC middle seats are taken). I thought about holding out for an OpUp but my guess with only 4 BE seats somebody would spring, so I sprung.

    Fare class was OU (or OP, can't remember) so I doubt I'll get the 50% bonus MQMs -- but there is always hope with Delta's IT :)

    Didn't somebody once say "Why give it away when you can sell it?" -- with everything else going on (FCM, Luxury Bar, bag fees, etc. etc.) I guess it was just a matter of time.

    So is this a fluke or the start of BE Monetization?

    BTW: I was on a cheap-ish ($1100) fare.
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    very cool. I had a few trips in economy where I wish I had been offered this kind of option.
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    Wow - that's pretty cool...I'd probably spring $400 for the lie flat seat to/from LHR. Maybe DL is learning something from KL's practices?

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