Offbeat Kid friendly tour to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Depot (Hong Kong)

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  1. Perhaps your kids have already taken enough cable car trips before and so it might not be anything new for them to take them on another ride, but what about an offbeat trip to the cable car depot at the Ngong Ping 360 terminus? Kids will love the thrill and excitement from touring/ (trespassing) through a cable car maintenance depot and what more, you’ll get to meet at least 4 to 5 more families similar to yours in Hong Kong during the tour and it might be an alternative to visiting theme parks and shopping.
    The highlights of the cable car terminus depot:
    There are two cable car depots in Ngong Ping, one quick cleaning and maintenance at Tung Chung. The one that we will be visiting today at Ngong Ping is the biggest depot where the faulty cars are sent for repair.
    Did you know that the Ngong Ping cable cars have solar panels installed on the rooftop? During your ride some of that solar power is converted into internal lighting and used to power the broadcasts inside the cable car compartment. During off peak season there are only 56 cable cars in action out of the 109 so the rest go for a “recharge” during their holiday. An 8 hour recharge is enough to last the cable cars for one full day’s worth of action.
    Not a water hose, but a reel of chargers for the cable cars.
    Ngong Ping Cable Car uses a 5.7 km long bi-cable gondola lift system and so that means that one cable acts as a rail in the sky and the haul cable pulls the cabins. Kids will be excited to see and touch the steel columns used to support the cable cars up close.
    The steel columns are fatter than our arms
    Looks just like a large size supermarket basket, but this is exactly how and where maintenance is done. Only fully trained technicians are allowed on every 4 hours. The bare skeletal design of the maintenance cars mean that it will be easier to spot abnormal running cars on the cables. Kids get the exciting experience standing inside the cage and imagine what it would feel like if they were perched high up.
    Trembling legs and scary views from the maintenance cars.
    The tour includes a Chinese dim sum lunch so tuck in.
    Now how would you make a reservation? The Eco Tourism tour is the best tour to take out of all the Ngong Ping 360 Education Programme tours. The visit to the cable car depot is not all, the itinerary is about 7 hours long and also includes guided tours to the Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Information centre, a ride on the cable cars (your choice for standard cabin or the crystal bottom cabins), a brisk family friendly walk in appreciation of the nature flora and fauna of the surrounding Ngong Ping, a brief environmental talk and the visit to the the Ngong Ping Village.
    It costs HK$ 180 for children between 3-11; HK$ 230 for everyone else 12 years old and above. The 7 hour kid friendly tour includes yummy Chinese dim sum lunch at the Ngong Ping Village and is a great off the beaten path family friendly tour. Remember that you have call at least a week or two in advance for bookings, the number to call is (852) 3666 0666.

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