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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by prometheusg, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I've been living in Costa Rica for the past few months and have discovered some amazing out of the way places. Places I would never be able to visit if I were loyal to any of the big hotel chains. They are simply too remote and/or small for a big hotel chain to bother with (at the moment, at least).

    I've a question for those of you who are super loyal to the big chains and use your points for awesome stays at various resorts. How often do you really get way out there? I mean, a stay at a nice, big resort for a few days is nice. I've stayed at five-star hotels and been impressed. But they're nothing like the experiences I've been having lately. Where you've got to take a bus for hours, only to catch another bus down the road that eventually leads to a water taxi, which takes you to a remote village in a near-wilderness setting. So you end up in some really out of the way paradise setting.

    A Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons-type resort would just be impossible in a place like that. The experience is amazing, but you'll never do it on hotel points. So I guess I'm wondering if the hotel points thing is really worth it to me anymore. I feel like I'd rather seek out places that I can't experience through the chains. I guess it's different for everyone. I know many of you travel for work and rack up tons of points that you might as well use at a classy resort every now and again. I feel like I'd rather spend my time finding some place off the beaten path. That's just me, though. How about you?

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