OCCUPY! Now, this is best in class alright

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    OCCUPY! The TPAC DL BE cabins.

    This recent RGN misfile is comical. I have a number of these bookings and on one day, we now occupy almost half the BE cabin on one of the DL 330s. It would be amusing to keep those bookings, actually to book more of my buds onboard and simply colonize the entire a/c.

    Hey Jeff, this is what happens when the only worthwhile custom on your airline are mistake fares. It wasn't worth doing it at 200 USD plus, but at 65E/54 GBP, well OK I can take even DL for that price. We'll load up your 330 - which we remember from the redtail days of old - with our plunder from NRT, then party in BE and toast your acumen as we devour your BE catering.

    You should come join us for the party!

    There is karma...after 635k SM from PHL to FCO, not all of which was in J, we have.....
    54 GBP from RGN to YVR, not all of which is in J (AS seg from SEA-YVR, but we can tolerate that).

    Now for once I will agree that *this* is...

    best in class
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    Hi Redtailshark from sunny (and warm at least for now) Barrow, Alaska. I cashed in some of my Delta Skymiles to get here from DTW to FAI. Then full coach on Alaska Airlines, FAI to BRW for $323. However, with advanced planning, I can do one way DTW to BRW for 25,000 miles first class using AA and AS. I am currently at Ilisagvik College, Alaska's First Tribal College.

    I noticed your hyperlink in your post didn't link correctly. Is there another URL?

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