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Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific' started by ThatJohn, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Hey folks,

    Anyone know of a good person at Hertz in NZ (preferably Wellington) who I can Happen to about my current rental?

    I hate to sound like a DYKWIA, but I'm #1 Club Gold so I don't have to deal with crappy cars and dreadful service.

    I picked it up yesterday (fortunately it's going back tomorrow) at WLG, and:
    1. It took the guy on the desk ten minutes to fill out all my details. Despite me standing in the Gold line, he never asked if I was Gold, and apparently the Gold number didn't come through, despite me quoting it at booking.
    2. The car was as far as humanly possible from the terminal. It was almost in the sea off Moa Point. Very last row back, with row upon row of empty spaces. They couldn't have moved it forwards?
    3. It was an ancient Camry (supposed to be a narrower and better-engined Mondeo for Wellington traffic), looked at least two years old, with extensive chipping, scratching and nearly 61,000 miles on it. The sort of thing I'd expect to find at Happy Backpacker Rentals, not Hertz.
    4. The windows were so dirty that I had to stop to clean them, and are still so smeared that driving at sunset is difficult.
    5. It smells of cheesy socks. Like, actual locker room cheesy socks. Disgusting.
    6. The transmission (automatic gearbox) is like riding a rabid moose. A really underpowered rabid moose.
    7. There's a worrying squeal when turning the wheel hard over.
    I feel better for getting that off my chest. Numbered lists are so therapeutic. Who should I complain to more so that this doesn't happen to me again?

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