NYTimes subscription for 1100 miles for only $7.50, no wait $22.50, no wait, $37.50

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    Okay so I got sucked in and went for a NYTimes digital subscription back last October for 1100 UA miles through the MileagePlus portal. At the time there was another bonus I was trying to hit. Since then of course I've figured out that portals often don't credit you for the things you buy, and you often have to harrass them even if they do eventually, but even then...

    So the offer was for 12 weeks @ $1.88/week. And you can't cancel for 90 days or they'd come claw the miles back. Maybe. I decided not to risk it. Set a reminder on the calendar.

    So how did that all work out? Well, they charged me the obvious $7.50 x 3, but hey, look they also hit me up with a $15 charge 9 days before my 90 days expired. And if you do the math you realize that 90 days is actually 12 weeks PLUS most of another week. So of course they presumably hit you up for a regular rate subscription for a week or two maybe even a few days early.

    So... you have to track this. You have to take snapshots of everything so you make sure you get your miles (I keep a spreadsheet and keep timestamped snapshots in a particular directory on Dropbox). You have to check off the miles when they show up (mine did). And when all is said and done, you end up paying ... 3+ cents per mile.

    Now hey, its the New York Times and they do good work, and lately they've been part of the crew releasing details on the NSA and all, so I'm not too upset. But lesson learned, probably not worth doing just for the miles...

    I've seen posts recently for miles for a Wall Street Journal subscription and some other similar things that I've now passed up just because they're probably similar.
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    Wait...so the companies might actually know what they're doing with the way they calculate the mileage pay-outs versus the revenue inbound?? :eek:

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    I had a similar issue with USA Today and USAirways during the last Grand Slam years ago. Not only that, but to this day I still get the occasional phone call / email / snail mail from them asking me to subscribe again.
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    Part of the risks we take in this World of collecting miles @any cost :D
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    I get similar for use of my DL and US/AA miles/points, but so far, I would not want most of the newspapers in my house, so have declined.
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