NYT -- New Dreamliner Headache: Parking Space

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    With the Federal Aviation Administration’s grounding of the 787 Dreamliner fleet in its fifth week, Boeing now faces a problem of where to store the airplanes that continue to roll off the assembly line at its giant factory 30 miles north of Seattle.

    Boeing, reluctant to shut down its production lines at Everett, Wash., and at a factory in Charleston, S.C., is producing 787s at a rate of slightly more than one a week. At the time the fleet was grounded, 50 Dreamliners were in service.

    “We have adequate space today in Everett to accommodate our production airplanes,” Marc Birtel, a spokesman for Boeing, said in an e-mail, “and we won’t speculate publicly on limitations in the future.”
    But people familiar with Boeing’s plans say two of the nation’s largest commercial airplane storage companies have been asked by Boeing for space to park other models of airplanes that for one reason or another cannot be delivered immediately to customers.

    Since the 787 needs special F.A.A. permission to fly, these people said Boeing is trying to make room for the Dreamliners.

    When Mary Kirby, the editor of an aviation magazine, attended an industry conference in Washington last week, she could not resist taking a drive by Paine Field in Everett.

    She said she was shocked at what she saw: “Parked Boeing 787s are everywhere.” READ MORE...
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