NYT: My 6 Biggest Complaints About Business Travel

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    NY Times: My 6 Biggest Complaints About Business Travel

    The article highlights concerns about the list below.

    1. Power outlets
    I agree...I've gone to great lengths to seach out power before! :) While some airports and train stations are power friendly, others are not

    2. (Non-) Reclining seats
    This can really vary - between the seat itself, people behind/in front of where you're sitting. I know there are loads of options on the just/not just nature of reclining one's seat.

    3. Cabin PA Systems
    Like it or not, they're there...

    4. Check In times
    I do not think there will ever be a standard across all of the carriers for check in time!

    5. Lounge Access
    I've never found the rules that confusing, but I know it can be a challenge, especially those new to the different FF programs.

    6. Alcohol Policy
    As I do not drink, this does not worry me much...I assume the policy is there to try and control consumption to some degree...?
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    Power outlets - absolutely, never enough of them or where they are needed.
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    Kind of a grumpy article.

    If it is a short flight, I do not typically recline my seat. That is doubly true when riding in the back because I know how annoying it can be to have a drink or laptop on my tray go flying off when someone decides they need to lean back an inch.
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    I agree with the OP and her comments on the 6 choices. I would add that one of my biggest dislikes is the boarding process. With load factors up, competing or muffled PAs and narrow entry points, the crowd is often unruly and impolite. I do not blame the Gate agents, but I think the infrastructure surrounding the process is imperfect.
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