NYC-VIE booking advice. Sorry to repeat myself...

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    Ok here's my situation: I am looking to travel NYC (prefer EWR but will use JFK) to VIE from 4/4 to 4/10. I have a BAEC household account with around 60k miles/avios. I am willing to pony up some cash for my tickets, and I am blue in the face from searching websites. I searched all-BA flights (EWR-LHR-VIE), and I also tried breaking the trip into EWR-LHR and LHR-VIE, and using other airlines from NYC to any large airport in Europe. Here's what I've gathered:
    BA: EWR-LHR $1456.38 (coach, 2 people, round-trip)
    BA: EWR-LHR-VIE $2377.16 (coach, 2 people, round-trip), so they are charging me $920.78 for LHR-VIE which seems expensive.
    So which of the following makes the most sense to the savvy travelers on this board?
    1. Save a lot of time and effort and just book the full trip through BA
    2. Book two separate legs, trying to get the EWR-LHR down as low as possible and book economy on another airline LHR-VIE
    3. Scrap the whole thing because I should be able to find better fares elsewhere
    I would need 80k miles for 2 seats round trip, so even if I game seats on a partner airline, I will be short. Anybody have a solid plan for this? How would YOU look to make this happen? I am way open to suggestions here.
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    If you book EWR-LHR with $, you can purchase LHR-VIE-LHR for 30K Avios + $80 (add $40 to save 3,000 miles, up to 15K miles + $280) for 2 people.

    30,000 Avios saves you $840.

    2 people flying EWR-LHR r/t will bank 13,872 in the household account. That's almost half of the miles necessary for the LHR-VIE-LHR legs.

    So for this trip, you'd pay $1456.38 + $80 + 30,000 Avios - 13,872 Avios = $1536 + 16,128 Avios for 2 people.

    I've seen that using miles for BA Y from US-LHR is not good because of fuel surchages ... 80,000 miles may save you a few hundred dollars, which isn't good at all. However, Avios points are built for these short-haul flights that cost an arm & a leg (even in the US).
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    You actually need 110,000 points for the trip. EWR-LHR is 40,000 points. LHR-VIE is 15,000 points. The big difference that you are being quoted is because you are having to buy Avios in addition to the fuel surcharges.

    You could look at award flights with Air Berlin, but when I priced your trip on Expedia, Air Berlin was showing a total price of $865 in coach. You could credit your miles to BA, open a Top Bonus account or credit you mile to AA. They do leave from JFK instead of EWR.

    LOT Airlines was charging $965 from EWR, but they are a Star Alliance member.

    You could also look at Avios for Upgrades on the EWR to LHR portion of the trip. You will still have to purchase some points for that.

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