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    I really respect airline people and ex-airline people like my friend and fellow BA blogger MJ on Travel. Again the people, NOT the machine behind our travel. The people (most of them anyway) are human and have fellow feeling toward you; the airline/security/et al often does not and why should it anyway?

    I will again this year far exceed 100 segments, that is I will be in an airplane with some kind of paint on the outside (most of it Delta-ish) that goes up and down. I think in most books that qualifies me as a frequent flyer.

    Having said that I dislike the TSA. Now to be clear not for what you may think. I do THANK the TSA folks for keeping us safe each time I fly. I understand they find a TERRIFYING number of guns (and worse) each year. The nightmares they find are so, IMO, under reported and I give them credit for what they do. So I really am a supporter not a basher of the TSA – mostly!

    But why mostly. Let’s go back to MJ on Travel and this post about his recent TSA experience. I have flown with MJ a time or two and he really is a true gentleman in every sense of the word with everyone he meets. If you meet MJ you will like MJ – it’s that simple. But he can NOT do the TSA scanners.


    What about me. I get they are no longer the full “Nude – O Scopes” of the past (ie only a rep in a room far away sees you “nude”) plus the “new ones” all use “harmless” radio waves but it still bugs me what they do and show. I also don’t need MORE rays hitting my body. Yes, I also understand you get more rays up in the air blah blah blah, but I just don’t want more of any of that if I don’t have to! Then there are those who are or even could be with child – IMO – no thank you. Then, like MJ, those with medical devices that could possibly be damaged or cause an issue.


    So far most of this post is just stating the obvious and is maybe not all that helpful. Time to be helpful. I have Global Entry and TSA Pre check. I will ALWAYS have both. I cannot even think about flying without them. For $20 per year this is the best value in the air. Even if I don’t fly for a year or two I will pay this to keep it forever. This in addition to being Delta’s highest rank elite flyer Diamond Medallion.

    I have all this so I don’t have to be scanned. I always choose to opt out when not selected for TSA Pre check for whatever reason. I don’t like the “man massage” I get and find the work around my “sensitive areas” to be very unpleasant and bordering on wrong. Now if I were NOT GOES & TSA PRE Check (plus a Diamond Medallion) I can see the need for this enhanced screening. How about a fix for this?

    If the metal detector is working, even if I opt out or “it” selects me for enhanced screening, if I can produce my trusted traveler info and have TSA Pre Check on my boarding pass, show I am an airline elite, then IMO no need for the “man massage”. How about we wipe my hands and luggage with the bomb sniffing machine first. If that is 100% clear send me on my way. If that goes off, ok massage me then.


    Clearly I am NOT a threat to anyone (other than requesting the occasional geek photo in the cockpit that is). The only threat I am is to the supply of Woodford on-board the flight. There has to be a way to add a step to avoid pat downs for those who do not need them.

    What do you think – should all with TSA Pre Check always “opt out” if not selected for pre check? Is there a tech way or a human way to remove the need for enhanced screenings or due to all the stuff going on around the world I am being too picky and should “man up” and take it if I choose to avoid the full body scanners? – René

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    The post Nude – O – Scopes / Harmful rays / Pregnant women / Implants or medical devices! Should we all opt out? appeared first on Delta Points.

    The post Nude – O – Scopes / Harmful rays / Pregnant women / Implants or medical devices! Should we all opt out? appeared first on BoardingArea.

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