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    Still new, milepoint continues to make extraordinary charitable efforts on behalf of its members. Here's an update on two of the most recent efforts:

    The Kiva Lending Team Membership Drive:
    During the month of May, the Kiva Lending Team held a membership drive to increase both membership and contributions to the Kiva loan program. During May, 241 new members joined the team quadrupling the member size, 957 new loans were contributed, more than doubling the previous total loans for the team which resulted in $34,950 in new loans. In May, the team finished in the top five among more than 2,600 teams in all three categories.

    milepoint supports these efforts by its members and awarded two new iPads to the Kiva Lending Team members — one for the May membership drive and one for the original members of the Kiva Lending Team who really have set an extremely high level of participation and initiative.

    Read about the winners here.

    Random Acts of milepoint Kindness:
    milepoint also uses its various resources in helping and assisting other situations where we can make a difference. Recently we used the resources of our members to help someone. Read about the request and the result.

    FlyForward Request:
    I am a United pilot and have a friend in the USN in Japan. He flies UAL all the time and has used his miles to go to Japan in Feb. to plan for his move to Japan with his family for 2 year orders. Due to the problems in Japan recently his family and family were not allowed to go with him when he transferred. He now has to fly back to the U.S. this month and fly with them back to Japan. He needs 23,000 miles to add to his miles to redeem an award ticket (65,000 miles) for himself to return with them

    My question: Is there a place where UAL Mileage Plus people donate miles to assist current military personnel?

    Thanks for your assistance in this request.

    Tom Strassheim
    United Airlines Pilot

    FlyForward Result:
    I would like to personally thank you and the donors that transferred miles to a military friend of mine. He needed some extra miles to come home from Japan and accompany his family back to Japan for his two year posting there. The speed in which you attacked this problem and the willingness of the donors is amazing. From an e-mail sent to you out of the blue asking for direction, you took this problem and made it work. It seemed that this was now a personal problem that you had to solve. Your combined support for the military men and women that serve our country is admirable. As a career military officer, I was duly impressed with the desire to help from the members of "FlyForward" at milepoint.com, and thank them for their generosity.


    Tom Strassheim
    United Airlines Pilot
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