Norwegian Reward partnering with InsideFlyer (.nl)

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    (I'm just a InsideFlyer forum member so this is not some sort off official announcement.)

    I'm sure you've now seen the link to Norwegian Reward on (US) on the bottom of the forum? I think this post over at (Netherlands site) has some details at least for the audience in the Netherlands to read the post translated to English load in google chrome, there it says in part:
    One of the fastest growing loyalty programs is working with our ever-increasing online community of frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts. We are proud to announce that we will join hands with Norwegian Reward starting today, November 1, 2017 . They become the official partner of InsideFlyer.
    For InsideFlyer's readers, this includes benefits such as Cashpoints and promotions giving away . And of course you will be the first to be informed about the latest news about Norwegian. If a new route is announced, a new sale is for tickets, or a CashPoint promo not to be missed, you can read it here.

    So that seems interesting. Here in the US we have already seen some partnerships with various organizations like the MegaDo to get people on charity flights and inaugural flights. It would be interesting if we see Norwegian starting to play the miles and points game similar to say Life Miles, especially since Norwegian points only apply to Norwegian.

    (updated post to use Netherlands for the .nl domain rather than Norway! Norway is .no.)

    Now on Norway as well:
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