Normal Baggage Handling during IrrOps?

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    There seem to be trips that feel jinxed and this last weekend was one.

    On my flight, ALB to DEN via CLT, the CLT to DEN leg cancelled due to weather in Denver. I ended up rebooked through PHL with an overnight then on to DEN the next morning. When I arrived in Denver, my bag was still in CLT. So they had to deliver the bag later that night. And I learned to make sure the agent handling the booking reroutes the baggage.

    On the return flight, the DEN to CLT canceled due to a mechanical (after we were all loaded and settled in). I ended up rebooked through EWR on United (in Denver US Air uses 3 gates on the United councourse) with about 2 hours between being rebooked and leaving Denver. I have a copy of the message the gate agent sent baggage to inform them of the change. During the layover in EWR I decided to use the website to track my bags and the last scan shows being on the US Air plane in DEN. And, of course, landing in ALB there was no bag so I'm waiting for it to be delivered to the hotel, hopefully today.

    Is it normal for US Air to have issues with checked baggage when they have IrrOps? It would seem like they should be able to figure out that if a flight is canceled to look at the reservation and/or at least ensure the bags end up where they are scheduled to go.

    Is there anything I should have done differently? I'm switching to US Air from United this year and expect that after my Trial Preferred I'll end up Chairman's Preferred so I would like to understand the system.
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