Non-stop TV for Virgin Atlantic passengers

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    Good news for telly addicts – you can now turn on your in-flight entertainment the moment you get to your seat and leave it on up until you exit the plane

    Virgin Atlantic will now offer up to two hours extra free entertainment per flight, thanks to the fact that passengers can turn on their in-flight entertainment system before takeoff and leave it on during landing.

    It’s frustrating when you’re half way through an episode of Mad Men and it cuts out with a passenger announcement; “cabin crew, please prepare your seats for landing,” and the screen freezes. Despite the fact you're in the air for another 30 minutes, Don Draper never returns. It’s equally as frustrating when you’ve been delayed in an airport, and your in-flight entertainment doesn’t work as soon as you board the plane – you just have to sit there twiddling your thumbs hoping they’ll bring around the wine.

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    Air NZ has had gate to gate IFE for several years. It is great for late night departures - start the movie upon boarding, by the time have had dinner/supper the movie ends and go to sleep.

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