No recognition of aa mm status?

Discussion in 'LAN | LANPASS' started by joesmoe, Jan 26, 2012.

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    So this is my 12 th LAN flight this month. This one I paid cash for, no avois nor ba availability with awards.

    Of the 12 flights this is 11th that was late departing, and I don't mean 5 minutes.

    Economy is nearly completely full and biz is nearly empty, yet I couldn't use money nor miles to upgrade.

    Does LAN not recognize aa million miler status at all?

    How is this airline still in business?
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    I think LAN is supposed to recognize your status within the One World Alliance..... not sure the MM status makes a difference for LAN.
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    Which LAN are you flying? LA, L4, LP, LX? While they're all known by LAN, they all have some different stats for on-time departures.

    LAN doesn't recognize MM status, but it recognizes the associated OW tier status (Ruby or Sapphire). Regardless of status, I am surprised that you couldn't pay for an upgrade.

    Remember that miles/kilometers for upgrades are only valid on the airline on which you earn them (except with the new AA/BA/IB agreement), as are upgrade coupons and complimentary upgrades. I cannot use my AA miles for upgrades on LAN and vice-versa.

    Also, keep in mind that Ruby status (if that's what you have via MM) does not give you access to pre-selection of seats, access to preferred seats (though my experience is that nothing gets you that unless you're LANPASS) or preferred boarding on LAN.

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