No more world's longest flight

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    Sounds like SQ is dropping EWR-SIN and LAX-SIN on the A340-500 as these are going back to Airbus for new A350/A380 orders according to Point Me to the Plane:
    Sad, but I suspect this makes good business sense - they get rid of older aircraft on a somewhat questionable (in terms of business - not sure how fully booked these flights are) flight. However, it will be the end of an era and a loss of status. Get your seats booked now!
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    so there will still actually be a world's longest flight; tho not as long :)
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    miss the days when SQ operated 21/22 with Premium Economy...........
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    My wife is sort of lad they are canceling after her most recent flight last week. It was subpar at best (maybe an off day for the crew) o basically making a US domestic flight look good.

    It started from the weaker than usual phone agents, to non-existent website and bi-annual manual checkin at EWR. She was traveling with our two daughters (5 & 1). She asked for assistance for JFK and SIN. Only got it for SIN. They ran out of her BTC meal, even though only 45 passengers, swears that my daughter had only a child's meal but we had BTC. For the 1yo they gave her 2 jars of baby food and one bottle of formula. We asked for the toddler meals. She asked for a plan roll and they even ran out of that. When my wife asked for more food for the kids and herself, the choice was chocolate or biscuits. Don't know if they forgot to pack instant noodles.

    Didn't get better when they arrived. They waited for almost 45 minutes with the attendant for the gate checked stroller that never came. Went to the carousel and the luggage was on its way to CS because they were the lady ones to pick up. This experience solidifies her preference for NH. She wasn't too happy that my UA F flight was pretty sweet. I hope her CX F going home is better. At least there will be food especially noodle soup. I think she is jinxed when it comes to SQ.

    ETA: this is her second flight and it has yet to impress her.

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