No mistake Oscar Munoz & his airline have relentlessly attacked ordinary Americans on way to bottom

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    Oscar Munoz is not getting a bonus because he apparently has not done all that he can to make air travel suck even more than he has. Wall Street was hoping by now that economy class would look like the Tuol Sleng Prison-how can anyone fail with no real competition? Mr. Munoz, who has taken $50 million from United and is now taking the paltry sum of $9 million more (instead of $18 million) is trying to make himself some sort of voice of conscience for this heroic act. In fact, make no mistake, he and his airline should never, ever be forgiven for the atrocious turdfest they have shoved down America's throat. And they are working away to make it worse and worse and worse. Based on conversatons with ordinary folks, looks like more and more American's are avoiding air travel like the plague (of course, seats are occupied all over the place by foreign nationals-cushioning the blow.)

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