No leg room biggest passenger gripe

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    Apps and mobile devices are increasingly becoming tools for savvy air travellers, according to a new survey that showed nearly half of all fliers use them to check the status of flights.
    Thirty percent of air passengers are now using smartphones to check in, up from 17 percent last year, and more than one in four consider their iPad or tablet a must-have on the plane.
    “As air travel becomes more stressful, fliers flock to mobile technology,” Bryan Saltzburg, general manager of TripAdvisor Flights, said in a statement, adding the devices enable travellers to create a more enjoyable flying experience.

    The TripAdvisor poll of more than 1,000 travellers also showed that most passengers, 76 percent, have no interest in chatting or socialising while in the air and 40 percent would pay more to sit in a designated quiet area.

    And although more people are planning to fly this year - both domestically and internationally - compared to 2011, nearly a quarter said there isn't one thing they enjoy about flying.
    Insufficient leg room and uncomfortable seating were among the biggest passenger gripes. Most travellers said they would not pay extra for more space on short flights, but 35 percent said more legroom would be worth an additional $25 on flights lasting more than four hours.

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    unfortunately, leg room was worth an extra $44 for me on my upcoming ORD-SFO award :/

    if any guy is over 6'0, then they will agree with the leg room issue.
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    I'm well under 6', but still appreciate space....fortunately elite status and a willingness to pay $$ generally keep me out of the really bad coach seats...

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